About Nalka

Nalka was formed in 2015, when investment firms Alipes and Inter IKEA Investments merged, but the foundation was laid before 1943 in Småland.

Our Culture

Our business has no connection to the IKEA Concept or the IKEA department store business, but we share a common heritage.

It is a heritage handed down to us from our owners, Interogo Holding, and which extends our responsibilities beyond our own operations.

We, share with our owners, a long-term perspective on our business and we recognise a responsibility not only towards our co-workers and portfolio companies, but also to suppliers, customers, business partners and the community as a whole. We know that long-term thinking, responsible thinking and profitability go hand in hand.

Our work will always be characterized by thoroughness, clearly defined processes, humility and cooperation. Still, we must always evolve, improve and welcome different ways of thinking.


What Defines Our Work



We always set a good example by leading the way and we have a continuous appetite to learn



We meet and perform our duties with humility and simplicity, in prosperity and adversity alike.



We make a difference. Every individual is equally important and everyone can participate and contribute.

Long Term

Long Term

Because making long-term business decisions are critical for successful entrepreneurship.

Nalka Dares to be

...accountable, and both assume and delegate responsibility.

...both an owner on paper and in practice.

...cost-conscious and lead by example.

Our Owner

Interogo Holding

Nalka Invest AB, is owned by Interogo Holding AG in Switzerland. Interogo Holding’s business focuses on two main areas: Property Investments and Financial Investments. Property Investments are conducted through Vastint Holding B.V. in Holland and financial investments through Nalka Invest AB, in Sweden and Inter Fund Management SA in Luxembourg. Interogo Holding AG is owned by Interogo Foundation, established in 1989. In addition to Interogo Holding, Interogo Foundation also own Inter IKEA Group through Inter IKEA Holding B.V. in Holland.


For more information about Interogo Holding visit www.interogoholding.com

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