Nalka acquires companies which benefit from having a committed and supportive owner with a long-term perspective. We invest in companies which share our view that sustainability, responsibility, and profitability go hand in hand. The most important sustainability work is done by our portfolio companies and it is Nalka’s ambition to always be an active and engaged partner in all our investments.

A long-term perspective

Nalka has a long-term perspective and recognise our responsibility towards our co-workers and portfolio companies, but also customers, suppliers, business partners and society at large.

We are convinced that a long-term perspective, responsibility and profitability go hand in hand.

Our sustainability approach

We consider sustainability as an integrated part of our investment approach and ownership model and have structured our sustainability approach around three dimensions: Invest, Influence, and Live.

Invest and Influence have the largest sustainability footprint and impact, as they cover our initial screening and due diligence, the entire ownership period and the exit process. However, we will only be successful in the long-term if we stay true to our values and lead by example (Live).

Our heritage and owner

Nalka Invest is a part of the Interogo Holding group – a foundation-owned investment business focusing on sectors and strategies where we can benefit from a long-term approach, patience, financial strength and commitment to consider sustainability and other non-financial aspects of investments.

Our commitments to responsible investing

We include sustainability in our investment decisions

For all potential investments sustainability is a central factor in the screening, due diligence and investment decision.

We exercise our influence to drive sustainable improvements

We use our influence as owners to drive meaningful change and contribute to sustainable businesses in line with our investment strategy.

We cannot do everything, so we focus on where our most significant impacts are and the material aspects for each situation.

We lead by example

We strongly believe in giving and taking responsibility and recognise leading by example as a forceful leadership approach.

To be trustworthy as investors, as owners, and in our governance, it is essential that we live as we learn. We lead by example, throughout the investment cycle.

Our priorities

Long-term sustainable progress involves a lot of change, togetherness, and goal orientation. We have identified three major areas to prioritize: Climate, Inclusion and Business ethics.


We believe, that by contributing to reduce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in our atmosphere, and by protecting and reconstructing carbon-accumulating ecosystems, we can contribute to improving life on our planet.


Providing meaningful and decent work for people is an essential part of a functional economy and a fair and inclusive society. We believe that through our activities we can influence and support positive change.

By supporting diversity and inclusivity, we contribute to making businesses stronger and thereby supporting a fair and equal society.

Business ethics

We believe that by doing good business with common sense, based on honesty, respect, fairness and integrity and by upholding ethical principles, we can contribute to better, safer, and more trusting societies.


The most important ESG work is done by our portfolio companies. It is Nalka’s ambition to always be an active and engaged partner to all our companies.

Read more about our portfolio companies and examples of their sustainability work below:

Circular and sustainable ambitions

Goals for 2030

Lekolar is the Nordic region’s leading supplier of products for schools and preschools. In order to contribute and be a relevant industry leader in 2030, Lekolar has developed its business model in an increasingly circular and sustainable direction. In 2019, Lekolar defined sustainable operational goals in five priority areas, in line with the plan for the UN’s global goals for 2030.

  • By 2030, 80% of Lekolar’s offer shall be circular.
  • In 2030, 80% of Lekolar’s purchases shall be covered by a supplier audit against a supplier code. Prioritization of audits shall be based on supplier risk assessment.
  • In 2030, Lekolar shall have reduced its operations’ carbon dioxide emissions by 50%, compared with 2019.
  • By 2030, 100% of wood-based materials in Lekolar’s products and packaging must be FSC- or PEFC-certified.
  • 2030, no products sold by Lekolar shall contain PVC. In 2024, products intended for children under three years of age must be PVC free.

Fleet transformation

Fossil free deliveries

Best Transport’s climate report (in accordance with the GHG protocol) shows that 95 percent of its climate impact comes from the transport assignments they perform. The main focus in its environmental work is therefore the conversion to fossil free fuels such as HVO100, electricity or biogas.

Milestones in the conversion to fossil free fuels:

  • In 2020, Best converted vehicles that perform home deliveries in 275 Swedish locations to fossil-free.
  • In 2021, Best converted 146 new vehicles to fossil free fuels.
  • As of January 1, 2022, all deliveries performed by Best’s approximately 550 own vehicles (fully-owned or through carrier agreements) were fossil free.

Sustainable development

Phazing out PVC

The companies in the Asker Healthcare Group introduce many initiatives and innovations to drive progress towards a more sustainable healthcare ecosystem, a commitment shared by Asker group and its customers. 

As part of this work, Asker is constantly exploring alternative materials, both for products produced by group companies and products sourced from partners. One of the materials Asker is seeking to phase out is polyvinylchloride, commonly known as PVC. 

PVC is a versatile material widely used in the medical industry. In 2020 it accounted for about 40% of all plastics-based medical devices used in hospitals. As a result of adverse impacts during disposal and low recycling rates, this common use of PVC is not optimal from an environmental point of view. PVC is also often used in combination with plasticizers which can leak out of products and have adverse effects on human health and the environment. 

Asker is increasingly seeking to provide customers with alternatives to PVC and actively promote the benefits of substituting PVC products with a PVC-free alternative. For example, since 2021, Evercare offers the product series evercare® inLine, a product portfolio with a full range of PVC free infusion and injection sets.

Climate neutral strategy

100% climate neutral

As of 2021, Office Management measures, reduces and neutralizes its climate footprint according to PAS2060, the standard for climate-neutral organizations. Office Management’s calculations include both its own operations and offices, as well as other emissions generated from its business operations, including emissions linked to the products and services that are purchased and delivered to customers.

In 2021, Office Management joined the SME Climate Commitment. With this, Office Management undertakes to halve its climate footprint by 2030 in accordance with the Paris Agreement, both in the value chain and in its own operations. Office Management compensates 100% of its climate footprint. Compensation is provided through third-party audited, UN-certified projects within renewable energy via Tricorona Climate Partner.