Eson Pac is a pharma packaging specialist that develops, manufactures and offers complete high-quality packaging solutions for the global pharmaceutical industry.


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Business description

Eson Pac develops, manufactures and offers complete high-quality packaging solutions, which includes cartons, leaflets, booklets and labels. Eson Pac’s customers include a broad range of global leaders in the pharmaceuticals industry requiring high manufacturing standards.

Due to the criticality and JIT nature of its customers’ production process, Eson Pac offer valuable proximity, with both factories and sales offices across Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

Company information

Status Current
Nalkas ownership63%
Investment year2015
HQVeddige, Sweden
Turnover 2020SEK 620m
CEOMårten Frostne

Investment Rationale

Attractive platform in a growing market underpinned by increased regulation and product complexity favoring technically advanced vendors. Opportunity to drive operational efficiency and implement enhanced processes across factory network.

Nalka’s Ambition

Considerable potential for organic growth and an interesting customer base.