Our investments

We invest in companies where we can actively contribute to its future development and where co-owners, management groups and other stakeholders share our values.

Our investments in the Nordic region are sourced and managed by the Stockholm-based operation of Nalka Invest AB. Investments in the DACH region are advised by Nalka Advisors Germany GmbH, a subsidiary to Nalka Invest AB, and managed by Inter Fund Management (IFM).

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Curious about our approach?

We want to give each investment the time and competence it needs. As investor we work with two primary investment strategies: smallcap och midcap.

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Svensk Markservice

During Nalka’s eight years as owner, the operations grew and saw significant change. Amongst other actions, operations was transformed from a local to a regional structure.
  • Year of Entry: 2010
  • Year of Exit: 2018
  • Turnover (2018): SEK 845m

Nordic Modular Group

During Nalka’s ownership period many initiatives focused on growth and expansion outside of Sweden were launched. Amongst other things, focused investments in the Finnish market were made, where a sizable module fleet and customer base were established, contributing to the overall Nordic presence.
  • Year of Entry: 2014
  • Year of Exit: 2018
  • Turnover (2018): SEK 878m

Ryds Bilglas

During Nalka Invest’s ownership period, Ryds Bilglas’ operations was significantly expanded and developed. In January 2018 there were 88 wholly-owned Ryds facilities in Sweden, 16 in Norway and an additional 19 sites operated jointly with Samglas.
  • Year of Entry: 2012
  • Year of Exit: 2017
  • Turnover (2017): SEK 697m

EET Europarts

Through a focused growth strategy, EET Europarts went from primarily working in the Nordics, to a leading European distributor of IT security.
  • Year of Entry: 2010
  • Turnover (2009): DKK 870m
  • Turnover (2014): DKK 1750m

Synsam Nordic

During Nalkas management, Synsam grew from a voluntary membership organization to the leading Nordic optic chain.
  • Year of Entry: 2007
  • Year of Exit: 2014
  • Revenue 2013: SEK 2.3 Billion