Paul Brunngård is a distributor and brand owner of shoe accessories in the Nordics.


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Retailers in the Nordics


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Business Description

Paul Brunngård is a distributor and brand owner of shoe accessories in the Nordics and offers a wide assortment of shoe care products, socks, insoles, laces, anti-slip-protection and additional foot care products.

The company was established in 1983 in Sparsör in the south of Sweden by the Brunngård family. The head office is located in Viared, close to Gothenburg. Paul Brunngård also has a network of showrooms in Stockholm, Oslo and Helsinki.

The company owns, amongst other brands: Paul Brunngård, Springyard, 52bones and Shoe Shame. In addition, Paul Brunngård is also a distributor of, amongst other brands: Collonil, Ecco, Grangers and Pedag.

The Paul Brunngård company name was established in 2019. Prior to this, the company operated under the Brunngård brand.

Company information

Company Paul Brunngård
Status Current
Industry Retail, distribution and product development
Nalkas ownership 50%
Investment year 2014
HQ Borås, Sweden
Turnover 2019 SEK 129m
Employees 35
CEO Ludwig Alholt

Investment Rationale

Paul Brunngård has a strong position within distribution of shoe accessories in Sweden. The company has built long term relationships with many of the leading retailers in the Sweden as well as establishing a portfolio of proprietary brands such as Springyard, 52Bones and Shoe Shame.